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Ozone use in the semiconductor and solar industry

The use of ozone for cleaning wafers has become established by now. The fact that ozone oxidizes organic and metal contaminants in the water phase is made use of.

Ozone generating and controling for clean semiconductors and solars

Semiconductor & Solar industry uses ozone for cleaning wafers. It oxidizes organic and metal contaminants in the water phase.

In recent years, the interest of more powerful chips has grown exponentially. It is known that so-called wafers are used for chip production. The production of the highly sensitive silicon plates requires a high-quality standard with ultra-clean manufacturing processes.

The wafer surfaces are cleaned to improve the quality of the circuit boards. Chemical solutions for surface cleaning are used as standard at this point. However, these cleaning methods have proven to be extremely environmentally unfriendly and inefficient. Instead, the use of ozone in the production process has proven to be the best alternative to standard methods. In addition to the consumption of chemicals and the associated costs, the process performance is increased.

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Start your oxidation, sterilisation and desinfection process in your production

With the use of ozone, substances occurring in particular in the cleaning and wet cleaning process are completely dissolved. Organic and metallic pollutants are oxidized with the high ozone content in the water phase. Any residues are thus avoided on the wafer. In addition, ozone technology is already being used on inorganic substances in the solid state. For example, ozone is used for the removal of photoresist coatings and the oxidation of silicon. On the other hand, ozone disinfection takes place in the treatment of deionized water to combat the appearance of microbiological cultures.

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