Ozone Analyzers

Ozone analyzers determine ozone concentrations securely and quickly

Even small amounts of ozone in air and water can lead to high health risks. Therefore, law also prescribes limit values, which must be complied with. Our ozone analyzers determine ozone concentrations effectively and securely in different surroundings.

Why measurement of ozone is so important?

Ozone is a very powerful oxidizing agent, it is used for example in air purification processes, wastewater treatment, or even treatment of cooling and process water. Ozone is an environmentally friendly oxidizing agent, but it can cause serious mucosa irritation when high concentrations are used.

In many industrial sectors, e.g. leakage checks, the monitoring of the ozone concentrations of air and water is prescribed. Our ozone analyzers complying with these limits succeed easily in a secure and high-precise way.

The food and rubber industry, but also agriculture use our ozone analyzers also for monitoring of gas flow. Also for the hygienic monitoring in hospitals, our ozone analyzers are used to verify the concentration of the gas.

The ANSEROS ozone monitors analyse ozone concentration reliably in every surrounding. We also have the ideal solution for your individual measurements in the gas or water phase.

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