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Precise ozone analyzers for the industry

The ANSEROS ozone analyzers – ozone monitors measure ozone concentration reliably in every surrounding. We also have the ideal solution for your individual measurements in the gas or water phase.

Ozone analyzers for the measuring of ozone gas

Reliable ozone monitors for measuring gaseous and dissolved ozone concentrations. The high-sensitive ozone analyzers measure ozone for air monitoring and emission control to safe your process.

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Why measurement of ozone with ozone analyzers is so important?

The Anseros ozone analyzers reliably measures the gas concentration in any environment. In many areas, for example to check for leaks in industry, the monitoring of the ozone content in the air and water is required to ensure compliance with defined limit values. Our ozone measuring devices do this safely and with high precision. Ozone is used as a very strong oxidizing agent, for example for waste gas treatment, drinking water treatment or in the treatment of cooling and process water.

The food and rubber industries, but also agriculture, also use our ozone analysers to monitor the gas supply. Ozone monitors are also used for hygiene monitoring in hospitals to check the concentration of the gas.

We also develop the ideal solution for your individual measurements in the gas and water phase. Tell us what you need. We look forward to your inquiry!

Ozone analyzers determine ozone concentrations securely and quickly

With ozone measuring devices, it is possible to measure the ozone concentration in different environments effectively and safely. Even small amounts of ozone in the air or in the water can lead to major health risks. Compliance with the ozone limit values is therefore also required by law.
The ozone analyzers MP and WM have a non-dispersive single-beam photometer (NDUV). The Anseros ozone gas analyzers with NDUV photometer measure without moving parts. According to DIN19627, the measuring devices are used for the continuous monitoring of the ozone content in the air and in the water. The UV spectroscopic method enables measurements of ozone concentrations in the ppm range. The software of the digital measuring instruments TIZ and TIZ-SE converts the ppm concentrations into the unit g/Nm³ or mol/l. The highly sensitive measuring equipment can be used for online operation of ozone measurement under both gaseous and humid conditions. In inline measurement technology, ozone concentrations are monitored within a process chain via ozone monitors. In this way, together with our ozone generators, the production or destruction of high-purity ozone can be monitored and controlled.

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