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Municipal water & industrial sewage treatment

Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) – Waste and sewage water treatment in a highly efficient and environmental friendly way.

Treat completely your wastewater with Anseros’ AOP-Technologies

Municipal water & industrial sewage treatment contains much organic chlorine hydrocarbon. Normal cleaning processes of sewage treatment plant cannot eliminate this kind of contaminantion. This means that these substances and pharmaceuticals residues contaminate our drinking water. Therefore, a complete wastewater treatment with ozone is necessary to protect our environment and the life on earth.

Anseros developed an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), especially for reducing AOX, COD, and BOD in the waste-water industry, which fully eliminates all residual substances in water plants even pharmaceuticals.


HOXON®- Technology for environmental elemination of waste residuals

Our patented HOXON®- Technology, combined with UV-light or organic ozonid, is used for municipal and industrial water treatment. Moreover, pharma industry utilizes our HOXON®- Technology for their wastewater, as well as the food industry and the agriculture to comply the treshold value of the maximum allowable biological concentration.
The oxdiation method with the implemented AOPR-tube-reactor receives the water course. In this case, our clean oxidation process is a cost-effective solution to clean wastewater not only in a very efficient, but also in an environmental sustainable way.


Maintenance-free, durable products
Certified quality from a single source
40 Jahre Know-How
Made in Germany

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