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Effective ozone destructors for the industry

The ANSEROS ozone destructors – Destroying ozone in a fast way. Metal-free ozone destruction suitable for clean processing.

Ozone destructors for the destroying of ozone gas

Safe destruction of gaseous and dissolved ozone. Metal-free ozone destroyers suitable for ozone-free concentrations and high-purity process applications in dry and wet environments.

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How can I destroy ozone with ozone destructors?

Due to its high instability, ozone can be destroyed in various ways using ozone destructors. The ozone gas destruction process is divided into thermal and catalytic processes. Ozone can be quickly destroyed at high temperatures. Ozone Destroyer includes innovative isolators for zero energy consumption. The feed gas may contain organics or acids. The systems are suitable for an ultra-clean application without any emission of metal particles or other substances. The catalytic process allows the ozone devices to reduce the ozone concentration. The incoming ozone gas is converted using a catalyst. This process leaves no residue. Another solution is UV technology. Dissolved ozone in water can be destroyed by UV radiation, for example when treating ultrapure water in the semiconductor industry. The reduction of the residual ozone content in the air and in the water plays a role here. While ozone gas only decomposes into oxygen again after several days at a temperature of 20°C, ozone dissolved in water has a significantly shorter decomposition time. As temperature increases, ozone WILL become depleted. If the temperature changes by +20°C, the decomposition time in the water is halved.

The residual ozone depletion in the gas phase behaves in a similar way, whereby the ozone content can be reduced after just a few seconds as the temperature rises. The water and air industry, but also food and bottling plants use our ozone destroyers to destroy ozone gas. Our ozone devices can also be used in a variety of ways for drinking and service water.
The design variants with slim and elongated dimensions are suitable for installation under raised floors in clean rooms – also in the semiconductor industry. All destructors are maintenance-free and designed for long-term use. The devices are available in stainless steel housings.
ANSEROS ozone destructors quickly reduce the ozone concentration. We also have the ideal solution for your individual ozone destruction in the gas and dissolved phase.

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Maintenance-free, durable products
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