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Air purification and building air conditioning

Air treatment systems for deodorization and disinfection with ozone technology, also after biological and denitrification stages. The oxidation principle works without chemicals and is completely sustainable. Please ask us for more information!

In various industries, ozone is used as an oxidizing gas in air purification.

Air treatment is an emerging issue worldwide, especially in terms of public populated places and processing-industry.

Ozone as an oxidizing agent can be used in many areas of air treatment sectors. ANSEROS offers various treatment solutions for the removal of organic and inorganic products in the different application areas. All ozone methods are continuously monitored by integrated measuring devices and equipped with environmentally safe warning systems.



Odour & exhaust purifying solutions with Ozone technology for air treatment sector.

ANSEROS offers a comprehensive portfolio of air treatment devices and purifying systems.

A distinction is made between dry ozone treatments in the gas phase and wet scrubbing processes. In addition to ozone production for air treatment and building air conditioning, Ansero’s air systems are also used for ozone gas decomposition.

Ask about our CAT systems for air treatment in dry and wet applications!

Maintenance-free, durable products
Certified quality from a single source
40 Jahre Know-How
Made in Germany

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