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Ozone reactor AOPR

Ozone injectors for high-efficient ozone generating and mixing system in AOP-process

Mixing system for high ozone concentration.

Ozone mixers for ozone injection. Anseros developed a mixing principle so-called Advanced oxidation process reactors (AOPR) that are designed with a turbulent pipe flow.

Only ozone dissolved in water reacts.

The mass transfer from the gas phase to the water phase is the rate-limiting step.

Reactions in the water phase are usually very quick. Anseros developed pipe reactors that are designed with a turbulent pipe flow principle (patent granted: DE 10201037B4). Compared to laminar systems, such as gas diffusers in bubble columns, the mass transfer is twice as high with AOPR. High ozone concentrations in particular are transferred without discharge losses. ANSEROS reactors are energy efficient.

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