Sterile food production and storage

Ozone can replace traditional sanitizing agents such as chlorine and provide benefits in the washing, sanitizing for sterile food production and storage.

ANSEROS K-FRESH® system solutions for Agriculture & Food Industry

The ANSEROS K-FRESH system solutions comprises both washing and storage of fruits and vegetables. During the washing process, microorganisms are extinguished. The ripening gas ethylene is oxidized during storage. Thus, long storage times until upcoming harvest seasons become possible.

The K-FRESH system assures reliable hygiene throughout entire processing and storage areas.

+ Long-term storage of climacteric fruits
+ Soil renaturation and water treatment
+ Hygienic washing
+ Odor conrol in production and storage facilities
+ Epidemic-free greenhouses
+ Bacteria-free surfaces of machinery, devices and equipment
+ Ethylene-safe transport without quality losses
+ Preserve long freshness at point of sales
+ Sustainable method without harmful chemicals




Our ozone solutions

K-FRESH® main applications for food production.

Ozone can replace traditional sanitizing agents such as chlorine and provide other benefits in the washing, sanitizing, and storage of produce.

Ozone is a gas that can safely be used in the gaseous state or dissolved in water. The most common way to clean with ozone is to dissolve the gas in cold water and use the resulting solution in place of hot water and chemicals.

Maintenance-free, durable products
Certified quality from a single source
40 Jahre Know-How
Made in Germany

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