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Rubber & seals

Guaranteeing reliability of materials with the help of resistance tests. Ozone test chambers and ozone climate simulators for the rubber industry. Determine resistance and service life with the help of ozone test chambers.

Why do we do ozone testing?

Using ozone testing will determine the durability and guarantee the reliability of your material. The results of the investigation are essential for the development of the rubber and automotive industry to predict the formation of cracks and thus the service life of the material. With the help of the ozone resistance tests the durability can be determine and the reliability of the materials is thus guaranteed.

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Ozone Test Chambers: You can test the safety of your materials!

So-called ozone test cabinets are used for the implementation. The test chambers are filled with ozone gas and can control the temperature and humidity in the test room. Ozone tests for rubber materials and cable insulation are subject to the strictest guidelines. The test specimens can be subjected to standard-specific static and dynamic loads. Standardized parameters from various organizations (DIN, ISO, ASTM, etc.) are available for suitable applications.

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