#pure ozone in the Fab
Ozone solutions for the semiconductor & solar industry- Wet cleaning and oxidation process with the use of pure ozone as an oxidant.
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Qualified measurement technology
Start your project with top-class ozone measurement and control technology - made in Germany.
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High performant ozone generators
Approved and tested ozone generators for high purity ozone production.
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Automatically controlled ozone systems
Ozone generation with automatic dosing and alarm function by SPS control.
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Certified ozone exhaust systems
Safe ozone destruction with automatic control.
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Ozone technology

Our high purity ozone generators, precise ozone meters and safe ozone destructors are manufactured from a single source and effectively integrated into customized ozone systems for individual use in the appropriate industrial applications by our highly skilled engineers with 40 years of experience in ozone technology.

Powerful ozone generators for efficient ozone production in the industry. The ozone generator hardly influences our environment due working exclusively with natural ozone. In contrast to using chlorine for cleaning, Hazardous residues do not occur in ozone application.

Precise ozone monitors for measuring gaseous and dissolved ozone concentrations. The high-sensitive ozone analyzers measure ozone for air monitoring and emission control to safe your process.

Safe destruction of gaseous and dissolved ozone. Metal-free ozone destroyers suitable for ozone-free concentrations and high-purity process applications in dry and wet environments.

The ozone test chambers and ozone climate simulators for aging testing and resistance forecasting. The ozone climate simulators test realistically to determine the durability and service life of different materials- according to international Standards (DIN ISO 1431, ISO 10960, ASTM D 518, JIS K 6259, etc.) with patented testing tools.

Intelligent ozone system solutions for your oxidation process in water and gas phase with advanced ozone technology according to high international standards.

Accessories and peripheral expansions for your oxidative process applications.

Ozone systems

Intelligent ozone solutions for individual advanced oxidation processes in gaseous and wet phases – developed by Anseros engineers.

All ozone devices from Anseros are manufactured from a single source. This means that our ozone modules are compatible with the ozone systems developed in-house. Due to this compatibility of the own Anseros products, a precise and permanent ozone production can be realized.


Ozone solutions for water treatment applications.

water systems

Ozone applications in the liquid phase.
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Ozone solutions for air treatment applications.


Ozone applications in the gas
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Ozone solutions for material testing applications.

testing systems

Ozone applications for material processing.
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Ozone solutions for innovative process applications.

processing systems
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Innovative ozone systems for pre-treatment applications.
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Ozone applications

ANSEROS ozone technologies are manufactured with high quality and safety. The application of ozone is versatile and elementary in various industries. What unites the diverse technologies is the use of ozone. Ozone systems are not only used for water treatment and air purification, but also for processing materials and surfaces.

Nowadays smart ozone technologies form the basis for environmental-friendly industry products concerning potable water and waste water treatment, livestock, fruit storage, odour removal, food processing, fish breeding, sterilization in pharma industry, hydrophilization in semiconductor industry and testing of materials. Leading research institutes describe the use of ozone in oxidation, sterilization and hygiene processes as an inevitable and sustainable way for nature.

Ozone is nature’s detergent which is practiced and proven over millions of years. The use of ozone does not produce any halogenated organic pollutants neither in water nor in air and soil, such as chlorine preparations do. The generating of ozone with Anseros ozone generators and ozone monitor are full-metal-free, without microbiological or pharmaceutical content and guarantees bubble-free process water for ultra-pure water at maximum safety.

Recycling Life with OZONE TECHNOLOGIES

Ozone industries

The philosophy of Anseros is to make use of these efficient methods of nature. We offer solutions for sterilization and cleaning applications based on the natural principles described above. They are environmentally friendly, effective and inexpensive.

About Anseros Klaus Nonnenmacher GmbH

Since 1979 Anseros is a developer and manufacturer of devices and systems in ozone technology. As a family-run company we have experience over 40 years in ozone production and measurements.

Our corporate structure comprises research, development, manufacturing, sales, commissioning, and servicing. We are called as the hidden champion in manufacturing sustained ozone systems and ozone applications. Ozone is your solution and our passion. We are experts in finding suitable solutions of our customers ozone applications.

Anseros produces ozone generators and analysers in the location of Tübingen. Therefore, we design complete systems from a single source – made in Germany. Actively participating in the development progress of ozone technologies, Anseros has a dedicated and successful research and development department consisting of highly qualified scientists and engineers.

By researching innovative technology, we use energy saving methods for our high-precious devices and technical solutions. We are your complete partner for a long-term cooperation and help you to realise your production line. Our aim is to optimize the ozone resources involved in supply and value chains. With our international agents, we have a global distribution network and support more than 1000 customers in 40 countries worldwide. Nowadays, the export rate of sales accounts for over 70 percent.

We are Member of International Ozone Association (IOA), Ozone Quality Committee, FIGAWA, DVGW and accredited by AiF Industrieforschung.

Anseros Klaus Nonnenmacher GmbH Tübingen

Become a part of the Anseros family

Searching of the perfect partner plays a big role in global industry. Finding the perfect partnership is based on the cooperation between people who join together. We know the moment when trust and success shake hands. We pursue our mission to make our brand successful.

Become a part of this story. Together we find a suitable experience that suits your needs correspondents. Your participating of the Anseros family allows the company to grow. Contact us and start your future project.

Start your project with advanced OZONE TECHNOLOGIES.

We develop powerful and environmentally friendly ozone technologies for you.​ Ask about our customer-centric and eco-friendly ozone solutions for all oxidation and purification needs.​

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Maintenance-free, durable products​
Certified quality from a single source
40 years know-how
Made in Germany