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Innovative ozone chambers and test cabinets for the industry | SIM

The Anseros ozone chambers and ozone test cabinets for aging and resistance testing according to DIN 1431-1 with patented testing tools simulate realistically material and rubber aging processes of different materials in order to determine their service life and wear.

Ozone chambers: You can test the safety of your materials!

The ozone test chambers and ozone climate simulators for aging testing and resistance forecasting. The ozone climate simulators test realistically to determine the durability and service life of different materials- according to international Standards (DIN ISO 1431, ISO 10960, ASTM D 518, JIS K 6259, etc.) with patented testing tools.

Why durability testing of materials is necessary?

Rubber materials are an important component of the cable- and automotive industry. Cable isolations, door seals, wipers, axis covers, fuel lines and tyres are made of different kind of rubber mixtures. Because of environmental influence, especially atmospheric ozone, rubber parts become brittle and friable. Not only the quality factor is important, but also safety of rubber material is an essential aspect. For example, if the fuel line breaks or the tire unexpectedly bursts, it may cause devastating consequences.

Anseros ozone test cabinets | SIM simulate environmental influence depending on real loading conditions. If the rubber parts, such as tyres or wipers, will be under dynamic load in reality, we will use special testing tools for this kind of simulation. If necessary, our patented testing tools in the ozone climate chamber simulate static and dynamic durability test according to ISO 1431-1. We also use humidity sensors or heating/ cooling systems in the ozone test chambers.
Anseros ozone testing chamber simulate under every testing condition the durability of materials reliably.

Where can our ozone test chambers also be used?

Surface treatment industry

The surface treatment industry apply paint, foam, colour prints and other coating on different surfaces. For example, CVD-processes in the semiconductor industry configure silicon surfaces. The ozone test chamber | SIM of ANSEROS treat all kinds of surfaces to improve the adhesion of coating on the surfaces. As a result, this procedure has an increasing effect of quality and the durability of the coating surfaces will be extended.

Investigations in medicine, pharmacy and cosmetic industry

Medical and pharmacological investigations are essential for medical technology. With regard to medical and technical progress, it is important to analyze and test the processes of bacteria and viruses as well as cell and plant growth in detail. The Anseros ozone test chambers precisely examine the biological processes and simulate different conditions. The cosmetics industry also uses our ozone test rooms to test their products.

What is the advantage of using ozone as a test gas when testing with ozone test cabinets?

Ozone occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It protects us living beings on earth from harmful UV radiation from the sun. However, the ozone gas attacks any elastomeric compounds, causing brittle and cracked materials that are then no longer usable. In our ozone test chambers, this aging process is greatly accelerated through the controlled multiplication of the natural ozone deposit. With the use of highly efficient ozone generators and with the help of high-precision ozone analyzers, the appropriate production and dosing of the ozone gas is guaranteed. The results of this process reliably reflect the product quality of the elastomers as well as the necessary maintenance intervals for safety checks and the use of spare parts.

Do you want to test your materials for longevity? Then ask us about our ozone test chambers! We look forward to your inquiry.

What actually is the purpose of ozone test cabinets?

In most cases, they are complex systems to predictively determine the longevity and durability of rubber products (elastomers) under operating conditions. The test systems include devices for ozone generation and measurement as well as other components for climate simulation, for example sensors and control elements for moisture, temperature and climate. Mechanical devices are frequently integrated into the test chambers. Rhythmically exerting stretch or twist forces, they simulate the forces the material samples will have to withstand in everyday use.

But why ozone as a test gas?

Natural atmospheric ozone attacks elastomer compounds and thus leads to embrittlement, cracking and ultimately to malfunction of tires, gaskets, cable insulations and other rubber products in the longer term. In ozone climate test chambers, this aging process is highly accelerated by a controlled multiplication of the natural occurrence of ozone. Thus, the product quality and the necessary maintenance intervals for security checks or replacement of elastomers can be determined.


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Ageing of rubber products is caused by temperature, humidity, mechanical stress, and UV-light, but to a major part by the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere. Rubber goods like tires, cable insulation, O-rings, and hoses are manufactured using elastomers containing olefinic double bonds that are sensitive to ozone. Especially under strain cracks can occur. This process is accelerated under dynamic operation. In practice this can cause the bursting of a tire, ignition due to the loss of insulation of a cable, or the cracking of a petrol hose. Different standards like DIN, ISO, VDE, SAE, and ASTM describe static and dynamic methods for the investigation of the behaviour of rubber samples towards ozone. Usually, rubber samples are stretched and ozone is applied at defined temperature, humidity, and air velocity. Anseros is a company with a focus on the application of ozone, providing a wide range of ozone test chambers from a small test unit (SIM pocket) to large units (SIM 8000) with space for testing several tires at the same time. Here, the latest developments are presented.

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Lifespan of rubber products under the influence of ozone

Rubber, tires and cable insulation must meet strict industry standards worldwide. Resistance and durability in particular are important parameters for product evaluation. Numerous environmental influences, such as ozone, can strongly influence the durability of these materials. Therefore, an ozone test is now mandatory for many rubber and elastomer products and is now part of the routine tests in material development and quality assurance.

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