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Ozone processing for coating material surfaces

Improvement of the adhesion characteristics by ozone processing for coating material surfaces, especially on polymer surfaces with ozone technologies.

Which technical solution helps me for improving of the adhesion characteristic?

Anseros developed an ozone treatment principle for the treatment of the narrow spaces between double walls. The resulting surface structure is similar to the feet of a gecko. Geckos are lizards which can walk vertically on plain surfaces, on glass panes, for example. They have a foot design with highest adhesion rates.

The adhesion rate improvement caused by surface treatment with ozone can be measured with a special method by ANSEROS.

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APR-Process for Anti-cavitation by ozone.

The surface treatment using ozone technology is a sophisticated process.

Outer and inner surfaces are treated in an Anseros chamber to create the predefined required coating properties, such as adhesion. Foams, varnishes, color prints and coatings profit from a highly improved adhesion. In CVD processes in the semiconductor industry, silicon surfaces are configured. APR process chambers are also used for the development of additives and catalysts for protection against ozone influences. Advice and support for such highly application-oriented solutions is provided by Anseros Engineering.

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