Ozone Generators

Efficient ozone production for the industry

Our ozone generators are perfectly suitable for replacement of air in rooms or buildings as well as for the recycling of industrial wastewater.

The ozone generator hardly influences our environment, because it works exclusively with natural ozone. Hazardous residues do not occur, as this is the case when using chlorine for cleaning.

Ozone generators for wastewater treatment

We developed ozone generators especially for water phase to produce germ-free water. Ozone reacts with metals like iron and manganese and eliminates these substances. For this reason the pharma and semiconductor industry use our ozone generators for water treatment.

Germs of several diseases, such as hepatitis, pneumococci, meningococci, malaria, ebola, zika-virus and lassa-fever will be killed while using ozone. Moreover, it fully eliminates bacteria of escheria coli and chlamydia, as well as the germs of MERS, SARS, Ehec-infections, tuberculosis, and the so-called hospital germs and legionella.

Our ozone generators are suitable for a wide range of applications and have a very low energy consumption. In addition, the devices are very environmental-friendly and have a high effectiveness.

Ask us for more information about our ozone generators. We have an ideal solution for your individual process. We are looking forward to our inquiry.

Where are ozone generators used?

Ozone generators for exhausted air treatment

In several buildings, for example in hospitals, germ free air circulation is necessary. Our ozone generators guarantee an efficient deodorization and air refreshment.

Ozone eliminates the odour of nicotine as well as the smell of fire and water damages.

The treatment with ozone of fruits, vegetables and flowers increase the durability of food products enormously, because germs cannot survive under ozone influence. The goods remain fresh for a longer period and they can be stored longer especially in lorries, containers, ships and aircrafts.

How do ozone generators work?

Ozone is a triatomic oxygen molecule that degrades to normal oxygen within 20 minutes. The storage of this gas in pressure cylinders is not possible in contrast to other industrially used gases. Shortly before the process starts, ozone has to be produced. A combination of oxygen and nitrogen in conjunction with electrical discharge produces the gas. There is no need of any other chemical substances for the process because all types of a carrier gas, for example dry/ humid air or pure oxygen, can be used.
Anseros offers powerful ozone generators including double-walled plasma discharge modules made of JENA-Quartz glass. This principle is an innovative high-frequency technology that is created by IGBT- power semiconductor.

A contamination of electrodes, a reduction of the ozone production and corrosion will not occur because of the high quality of the materials. Therefore, our products are maintenance free and we produce them with regard to a long-term operating cycle.