Powerful ozone generators for the industry

The ANSEROS ozone generator – Advanced ozone production with modular discharge modules using high frequency generated by innovative IGBT devices.

Ozone generators for ozone production

Powerful ozone generators for efficient ozone production in the industry. The ozone generator hardly influences our environment due working exclusively with natural ozone. In contrast to using chlorine for cleaning, Hazardous residues do not occur in ozone application.


Selected ozone generators

What is ozone?

When most people think of ozone, they picture a thin layer of gas high above the earth’s outermost atmosphere that protects us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. But this bluish gas, which sometimes is described as that “fresh smell” after a thunderstorm, has a variety of down-to earth uses. Ozone is a gas. And it’s made of just one thing “oxygen”.
Ozone can be visualized as a regular O2 molecule with a very nervous, active, reactive, excitable, energetic, and lively O1 atom as a side kick. This onatomic O1 atom does not like to be alone, and near the earth’s surface, it refuses to stay with the stable O2 double bond. It is active and reactive, with energy needing to be channeled in some useful direction. It will combine with virtually anything on contact, or at least will try. This active O1 will not stabilize until it can break away from the O2 and form a stable molecule with something else, virtually any other molecule that is available. If no other molecule is available, it will eventually unite with another O1 atom in the same situation, and restabilize as O2.”Ozone is simply a gas composed of three oxygen atoms. It’s an extraordinary sanitizing agent that’s economically produced and remarkably effective in applications such as food processing and equipment cleaning/sanitizing.Today, ozone technology is steadily replacing conventional sanitation techniques such as chlorine, steam or hot water. Growing consumer awareness and increasingly stringent regulatory demands have resulted in renewed emphasis on the quality of water used for the production of semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, water for human consumption and many more.To achieve these new standards of quality, improved technology must be utilized to provide water free from all bacteria and organics and to maintain water systems free from bacteria and biofilms without risk of disinfection products affecting the quality of the product. The technology to achieve these requirements is ozonation, the treatment of
water and air with ozone gas.

How does our ozone generator work?

Ozone is a triatomic oxygen molecule which decomposes to oxygen within about 20 minutes. It is therefore not possible to store the gas in pressure cylinders, as is often the case with other industrially used gases. Immediately before use, the ozone must be generated by a generator. The gas is produced by means of electrical discharge and oxygen/nitrogen mixtures. No other chemical substances are necessary, because any kind of carrier gas, e.g. dry/humidified air or pure oxygen, can be used. Anseros offers powerful ozone generators with double-walled plasma discharge modules made of JENA quartz glass. The operating principle is based on innovative high frequency technology generated by IGBT power semiconductors.

A contamination of the electrodes, a decrease of the ozone performance as well as corrosion are not possible due to the used and very high quality materials. Our devices are therefore maintenance-free and designed for a long operating cycle.

Where are ozone generators used?

Ozone generators for the treatment of exhaust air

In closed rooms and buildings, such as hospitals, germ-free air circulation is important. Our ozone generators provide efficient deodorization and air freshening here.

Ozone is equally effective against nicotine odors and the smell of fire and water damage.

Ozone treatment of fruit, vegetables and flowers increases the shelf life of food enormously, as germs are eliminated. The goods stay fresh longer and can be stored longer, especially in trucks, containers, ships and airplanes.

Ozone generators for water treatment

Our ozone generators, specially developed for the water phase, ensure germ-free water. Ozone reacts with metals such as iron and manganese, for example, and reliably eliminates these substances. For this reason, the pharmaceutical as well as the semiconductor industry use our ozone generators for their waste water treatment.

Ozone treatment also kills pathogens of diseases such as hepatitis, pneumococcus, meningococcus, malaria, Ebola as well as the Zika virus and Lassa fever. In addition, ozone completely eliminates both Escherichia coli bacteria and chlamydia, as well as the pathogen of MERS, SARS, Ehec infections, tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tubercolosis, as well as the so-called hospital germs and Legionella.

Our ozone generators are versatile and have a very low energy consumption. In addition, they are very environmentally friendly with the highest effectiveness.

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