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Ozone Generator Megagen series COM-VD-6000

Article number: COM-VD-6000

Product details

The MEGAGEN® Ozone Generators are producing strong Ozone concentrations, which are required for the HOXON® Waste Water Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). The mass transfer with the AOPR-Pipe Reactors will be ten times improved. The consumption of carrier gas, like oxygen or SEP® Gas, will be reduced, which means low operation and investment costs. Treatment of industrial waste water becomes economical and ecological.


Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP)
Industrial Waste Water Treatment
API Pharmaceutical Processing
Sewage Water Treatment
Cooling Water Systems VDI2047
HOXON® Oxidation Processing
Garbage Control
Offgas Oxidation
Swimming Pools, free of chlorine and bromine


Technical data

Range of Ozone Capacity: 1 … 20 kg O3/h or on request
Range of Ozone Concentration: 150 … 300 g O3/Nm3
Ozone Capacity/Module: 5.0 kg O3/h
Dimensions of Module: W1800xD900xH2400 mm
Electrical Power: 57 kW
Carrier Gas: Oxygen or SEP® Gas

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