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Air cleaning and safe exhaust gas treating

Ozone application for air purification is used to destruct ozone off-gas in industrial processing and eliminates unpleasant odor containing bacteria in wastewater treatment plants, slaughterhouses, stables or smoking areas.

Ozone has a wide range of applications in industrial air treatment.

ANSEROS ozone devices are used in the treatment of odors and air pollution. They completely eliminate harmful bacteria and reduce fat deposits, e.g. in the kitchen exhaust air. The ozone gas thus decisively combats organic and inorganic compounds in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, ozone devices are used to prevent an excessive concentration of ozone gas in the room air, e.g. used in semiconductor manufacturing. The ozone destructors can also catalytically break down the ozone at high flow rates.

Off-gasing system solutions for destroying of ozone residuals in processing

In industrial processing e.g. in wafer production occur toxic off-gas volumes. Gases containing vapor of acids needs a specified destruction solutions. The metal-free ozone destructors are a suitable solutions for high concentrations. The Anseros destructor serie CAT-HO includes a panted thermo catalytic principle for high flow and pressure control. The systems can also protect tools from metal particles.

Especially, for the liquid phase Anseros developed an dustroying system for dissolved ozone with a UV radition unit. The devices are also available for ozonated water drainage.

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Ozone wet scrubbing for removal of compounds out of waste gases

Process industry is emitting compounds like hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and
mercaptans. Anseros “CAT WET SCRUBBER” is especially designed for the
removal of these compounds out of waste gases, including complete deodorization and sterilization. A combination of advanced oxidation process with activated wet scrubbing provides oxidation of organic compounds and removal/transformation of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. The washing water can be further biologically treated.

+ Ozonation with advanced OH-Radical reaction
+ Oxidation of organic compounds
+ Wet scrubbing with enhanced removal of hydrogen sulfide
+ Ammonia adsorption in the water phase
+ Self controlled exchange of the washing solution
+ Highly qualified material SS 1.4511
+ Safe and reliable

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Air Cleaning & Odor Deodorization for eliminating unpleasant odors.

In recent years we see many examples of life threat bacteria and germs spread in air and took human lives. In 2003 SARS disperse in air and transferred worldwide due to lack of air sterilization in public places. We have to take maximum safety measure to tackle upcoming hazardous situations.

Bacteria’s, viruses, phages, are transferred by humid air and are dangerous for the health of people and as well as for animals. In most cases anaerobic conditions are increased and bad odors will generate, for example in sewage plants a gas named miasma starts to develop and cause severe problems for public health. New kind of bacteria like SARS can survive again and can be distributed fast worldwide, as it happened in the year 2003.

Appropriate air sterilization in public locations like dairy facilities, airports, hospitals, hotels, cinemas and isolated market places can minimize the risk of any germicidal or bacteria exposure. Mother Nature is using ozone, uv-radiation and water vapors to sterilize ambient air, which is working perfectly for millions of years. The same phenomena or technology we need to incorporate in our lives to protect ourselves from certain life threats.

ANSEROS has developedadvanced catalytic oxidation systems which provide safe odour and hygiene control. The CAT series is applied for the disinfection and odour control of air conditioning systems in hotels, airports hospitals, and public toilets as well as for off-gas treatment in large scale on sewage treatment plants and animal farms.

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