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Air Sterilizor CAT-SD-01

Article number: CAT-SD-01

Product details

The air sterilizor CAT-SD was developed to provide effective and reliable odor control and to contain airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as surface bacteria, viruses and fungi.
According to the research results of the “Chinese National P3 Lab” from 2003, ozone can destroy 99.22 % of the SARS virus. Meanwhile, SARS and Covid-19 are 87.10 % similar (CCTV, February 9, 2020). Not least because of this, more and more people prefer ozone sterilization for ambulances, hospitals, laboratories, shops, at home and in offices. For the interior treatment of rooms and equipment.


No chemicals
“Plug and Play” solution
Design made of stainless steel
Highly efficient
Durable discharge electrode made of coated ceramic
Stable ozone generation, even with high humidity
Discharge surface easily accessible for cleaning purposes


Technical data

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