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Textile & leather

ANSEROS offers different ozone solutions and ozone systems for treatment and sterilization of textile and leather materials in the fashion industry.

Laundring and bleaching with ozone

Rising energy prices and high time pressure at cleaning companies make new solutions necessary. An alternative process could be the cheaper, faster and more hygienic cleaning of textiles with ozone as a cleaning agent.

In addition, ozone has a high potential as a bleaching agent, so that the textile industry uses this process, for example, to bleach jeans clothing.

Which oxidation potential has ozone in the laundring and bleaching drums?

The many positive properties of ozone washing have the Swiss machine manufacturer Regiomat (Therwil) moved some years ago, the procedure also in Europe public close. However, the company limits the application on hotel linen from the 5-star hotel industry. The reasons for this lie in the way ozone works.

Ozone is one of the strongest oxidizing agents of all. Because of its high oxidation potential, it reacts with numerous washing liquor ingredients, like the laundry research in Krefeld already reviewed in the mid-1990s. Accordingly, this is responsive Ozone with chromophores, i.e. the coloring building blocks of a molecule, and olefinic compounds (unsaturated hydrocarbons). Its decomposition products formed in alkaline medium – in particular the hydroxyl radicals – have an effect on the other hand very quickly and with almost all wash liquor ingredients.
As the researchers researched, for example, anionic and nonionic surfactants into smaller fragments by ozone be disassembled, which is no longer available for the washing process.

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