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Pharmaceutical and medical technology

Safe systems for advanced oxidation process – Water and air purification with ozone is a clean technology without any additional chemicals.

Ozone is generated with oxygen and then introduced into the water or air. It has good solubility and destroys bacteria, germs, viruses in your structure – effectively and quickly.

ANSEROS has developed complete and intrinsically safe systems for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

The European Commission of Drug and Medicine has made two classifications for water quality.

Water for injection purpose” and “water for industrial purpose“.

The germ number for “water for industrial purpose” should be below 10 cfu/100ml, probe and conductivity below 5 µS/cm. In order to receive proper validation requirements by the pharmaceutical industry can individually differ.

After deionisation ultra filtration is a possibility to receive bacteria and pyrogen-free (BGF) water. In order to avoid any bacteria growth or bio-slime inside of the distribution a loop ozone has to be used continuously. Bio film can be controlled by coupons installed in the circuit.


+ no bacterias                   + no germs                      + no bio-slime


For safeguarding biological contamination in the DIW loop it is important to have dissolved ozone available, wherever and whenever. Discover our ultra-pure treatments for your specific application.

Maintenance-free, durable products
Certified quality from a single source
40 Jahre Know-How
Made in Germany

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