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Ozone Process Chamber SIM6050-L

Article number: SIM6050-L

Product details

The modular process chamber provides a variety of possibilities. It is custom-configured with regard to:

+ Gas or air pressure
+ Gas amount and gas flushing
+ Lock
+ Illumination or irradiation
+ Gloves
+ Temperature, humidity, gas doping, gas composition
+ Parallel and serial connection of chambers
+ Opening, locking and sealing of the chamber


Semiconductor industry
Medical and cell research
Cosmetics development
Animal testing
Lung research
Issuing of emission and immission limits
Material testing
Sterilization of tools and equipment
Research on object surfaces (hygiene, anticavitation)
Life sciences tests
Sensor tests

Technical data

Chamber material: stainless steel, plexiglas, mineral glass
Chamber size: 120 liters
Dimension inside: T600 x W600 x H350 mm
Vacuum technology: PFEIFFER VC components

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