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Producing drinking water and filling bottles

Sterilization of drinking water and filling clean bottles with advanced oxidation technology for beverage industry.

Producing sterilized water and rinsing bottles with ozone, free of bacteria and bromate!

For producing drinking water and filling bottles new oxidations methods become more necessary in the beverages industry.

A common method to treat water is the use of chlorine. However, many people do not know that chlorine in combination with organic compounds reacts to carcinogenic, organochlorine compounds, which are not biodegradable. Cleaning with chlorine does not eliminate some micro bacterial germs, such as Cryptosporidium.

Ozone eliminates germs of diseases like hepatitis, pneumococci, meningococci, malaria, ebola, as well as zika-virus and lassa-fever. Moreover, it kills completely Escheria-coli bacteria and chlamydia and the germs of MERS, SARS, EHEC-infections, tuberculosis, mycobacterium tuberculosis, as well as the so-called hospital germs and legionella.

We specialized with our self-developed PAP-systems in producing pure drinking water with ozone in a sustainable and efficient way. During the ozonisation process, ozone becomes degraded to normal oxygen. The resulting oxidation products are easily eco-degradable and can be eliminated through biological filters. We offer for every field the suitable solution- from little municipal systems, e.g. swimming pools to huge, university research projects.

Anseros reproduces the natural cleaning procedure with ozone and offers an effective and environmental alternative regarding treatment with chlorine, which also eliminates resistant micro-bacterial germs.

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Anseros – Recycling the Life

Healthy treatment of potable and rinsing water with ozone oxidation

Growing consumer awareness and increasingly stringent regulatory demands have resulted in a renewed emphasis on the quality of water used for human consumption and distributed in PET or glass bottles. For achieving these new quality standards, improved technology must be utilized to provide water free from all bacteria and organics, and to keep water systems free from germs and biofilms.

At the same time, the risk of disinfectants impairing the quality of the product has to be avoided. The technology to achieve these requirements is ozonization, the treatment of water with ozone gas.

The use of ozonized water for finally rinsing recycled or new bottles before filling them ensures that they will be fully sterile. Any residues of cleaning agents, detergents, dust or particles are fully removed to ensure a sterile receptacle that will not impair the taste or quality of the water.


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