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Viticulture & wine processing

OENOCAT systems – Ozone solutions for vine and viticulture industry

Ozone applications for vine and viticulture industry.

OENOCAT® products use ozone in order to sterilise and preserve containers. Ozone is produced in gaseous form or directly in water. Gaseous ozone can be dissolved in water. This creates ozone water for the sterilisation of bottles,
jugs, metal tanks, pipes, hoses and wooden barrels (Barrique).

What are the advantages of using ozone as an agent?

Ozone occurs naturally in our atmosphere. It protects all living beings on earth against harmful UV radiation of the sun. But ozone also destroys germs and bacteria, as for example yeasts, and kills them completely. After the chemical reaction no harmful residues occur. Therefore an ozone treatment is very environmental friendly and safe.

You are going to sterilize your barrels or cellar? Than ask us for our OENOCAT! We are looking forward to your request.


Maintenance-free, durable products
Certified quality from a single source
40 Jahre Know-How
Made in Germany

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