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Bottle Rinsing System PAP-B

Article number: PAP-B

Product details

Bottling of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks goes along with a high contamination risk of the product. This is why bottles and bottle caps have to be disinfected. Ozone-containing water is sprayed directly into the bottle. Both mains water and well water may be used. The rinsing water may find further use for other purposes since no chemicals such as chlorine are used. The solution is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The device supplies pressurized ozone water for the use in spray and nozzle equipment. It is available in OEM versions and with a variety of auto-control and safety devices. A barrel version of the system is also available, allowing for semi-automatic cleaning and sterilization of wooden barrels, which are loaded and unloaded by a forklift in batches of 2 barrels.


Water bottling
Rinsing, disinfection and sterilization of glass and PET bottles
Sterilized water for humidifiers
Disinfection of lids, caps and cork material
Cleaning and disinfection of wooden barrels (barriques) and of steel tanks
Meat and cheese treatment
Agricultural sector

Technical data

Water capacity: 1 … 4 m3/h
Water pressure: < 8 bar Bottle cleaning capacity: <6000 bottles / h Barrel cleaning capacity: 2 barrels / 10 min Connector: 1” Power supply: 230V/50Hz

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