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Effective ozone generators with surface discharging

Ozone generators for effective ozone production in industrial process application.

Working principle of COM-SD

The discharge electrode made of tungsten is located on the upper side, the induction electrode is insulated by a ceramic. The energetic plasma burns on the top and produces ozone from dry and humid air. The ozone is conveyed by the fan to the application site (wall effect) in order to perform its work there. The corresponding security measures must be observed. Instead of a fan, a gas pump can alternatively be used as a supply unit. The ozone production capacities amount to 5…500 mg O3/h, depending on the number
and size of the COM-SD modules as well as on the relative humidity of the carrier gas air. This principle of operation is known as surface discharge (SD).


Where can be the COM-SD applicated?

The  ozone generators COM-SD are mainly used in the transport and logistics sector of fruits and vegetables in order to oxidize the ripening gas ethylene C2H4. Even in sales displays, the final stage in logistics, ozone is still used to secure the quality of the fruit. In 1997, the procedure was recognized by the U.S. organization GRAS Associates, LLC.

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