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Ozone Generator COM-SD-30

Article number: COM-SD-30
ANSEROS ozone generator COM SD 30

Product details

The operation principle is based on the well-known surface discharge which can create ozone and hydroxyl radicals when humidified air is used as carrier gas. A long lifespan is granted by coated ceramics. Efficient deodorization and air refreshment save energy costs in closed buildings and homes. Hygiene is increased in food storage premises. Fruits, vegetables, and flowers can be stored and kept fresh for much longer, especially in lorries, containers, ships, or planes.


Air climate systems
Toilets and restrooms
Storage rooms
Entrance air locks at the airport
Food storage
Disinfection of shoes and clothes
Sterilization of medical equipment
Drying chambers
Conservation of eggs
Incubators for chicken breeding
Material aging tests
Research & development

Technical data

Ozone capacity: 30 mg O3/h
Ozone concentration: 0.00001 … 1 g O3/Nm3
Gas flow: 0.1 – 1/ 100 / 100.000 Nl/h or on request
Carrier gas: each oxygen-containing gas, wet or dry
Chiller: ambient air cooling
Dimension: W100 x H41 x D34 mm
Connector inlet/outlet: 8/4 PFA tube or flange
Weight: 75 g
Power supply: 12 VDC

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