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Bio fouling and cooling water

Disinfection solutions for chilled water sectors with zero maintanance – Ozone is a suitable agent for usage in cooling water systems and economic without chemicals. Great amounts of costs can be saved, and last but not least: ozone protects the environment.

Avoid contaminated water through microorganisms with our PAP-systems.

If evaporative cooling systems, wet separators or cooling towers are not operated properly, a strong formation and multiplication of legionella can occur. These water droplets (aerosols) containing legionella enter the environment via the moist exhaust air and can be extremely harmful to human health. Our PAP systems prevent the formation of legionella reliably and in an environmentally friendly manner using ozone.

If evaporative air coolers, wet separators or cooling towers are not operated properly, legionella can occur and multiply rapidly. Water droplets filled with Legionella (aerosol) are released into the atmosphere and can cause many diseases that can also be harmful to humans. Our PAP systems reliably prevent the formation of legionella in an environmentally friendly manner.

As tested in a chemical plant, cooling water ozonation is more cost-effective than treatment with organic biocides.

Reliably elimination of germs in cooling towers with ozone

Not only legionellae, but also pathogens as hepatitis, pneumococci or meningococci can be transmitted by evaporative air coolers. To prevent spreading germs, there is a regulation by German government about evaporative air coolers, cooling towers or wet separators (42. BlmSchV) since 19. August 2017. The aim of this regulation is to eliminate emissions of legionellae and other germs through proper operation, and also through documentation and reporting obligations.

Our PAP-systems work environmental-friendly, sustainable and efficient while treating water with ozone.

After ozonisation ozone degrade to normal oxygen. Emerging oxidation products are easily biological degradable and can be removed by biological filters. We offer suitable solutions for every field that works with evaporative air coolers, such as they occur in the industry, business or hotel business. There are also air cooler in offices and computer centres.

Maintenance-free, durable products
Certified quality from a single source
40 Jahre Know-How
Made in Germany

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