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Multiport selectors

Continuous measuring by ozone multiport selectors with different sample ports.

Ozone multiport selector MUS

Continuous room air monitoring of different ozone concentrations in different measuring points.

ANSEROS has developed a large number of device solutions for monitoring ozone concentrations in the process circulating air for suitable production, for example in the semiconductor industry. Other applications can be found in waste water and drinking water treatment.

Why do you need an ozone measuring point selector?

The Anseros ozone measuring point switch MUS is a device for continuous ozone measurement in different measuring channels. In combination with an ozone analyzer, the devices serve to monitor the room air.

What are the main advantages of an ANSEROS ozone measuring point selector MUS?

It has a PLC control with which all parameters can be set via the programmed software. The graphic data display with integrated lighting visualizes the trend recording. The flushing of all channels during the measurement proves to be advantageous because this additional process avoids ozone decomposition. The devices have analogue and optional digital outputs as well as two flow meters. The built-in sensors ensure a continuous flow of process gas. Ozone monitoring is suitable for both gaseous and aqueous states.

Our Multiport selectors

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