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Ozone Sample Point Selector MUS

Article number: MUS

Product details

The Anseros ozone sample point selector MUS is a device for continuous ozone measurement at different sample ports.

+ Advanced microprocessor technology
+ All parameters software-programmable
+ Graphical data display with illumination
+ Trend recording (6 hrs or 24 hrs)
+ All channels rinsed during measurement to avoid any decay of ozone
+ Analog outputs
+ Two built-in flowmeters
+ Alarm lamp
+ Suitable for gas and water


Research & development
Pilot studies


Technical data

Programmable parameters: measuring period adjustable for each channel
Number of channels: 4 / 8 (others on demand)
Flow meters: 2 flow meters with flow meter sensors for the surveillance of the ozone flow to the measuring devices
Continuous gas flow on non-active channels
Compatible devices: ozone anaylzers LUM, MP, GM-PRO
Display: LCD
Supply voltage: 110 / 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (others on demand)
Dimensions: standard 19” / 6HU, rack-mountable
Keyboard: touch panel
Certifed: EC 17025
Approval: CE

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