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Measuring mercury in process industry

Measuring mercury concentration with our accurate analysers.

Why do we need mercury analyzers?

Precise analyzing measurement devices for safely mercury measuring.

Mercury is a natural, non-degradable resource that enters our environment in many different ways. It is highly toxic and only a small quantity of mercury can lead to dangerous poisoning. Therefore, analysing mercury is very important for the protection of human beings and our environment.

In many industrial processes, e.g. coal-fired power plant or the production of bio-diesel, mercury is produced. Our analyzers measure atomic mercury in gas and water phase. They reliably show the concentration of this heavy metal in different processes. This analysers serve as working safety, but also for compliance with the limit values in the waste water.

On the one hand mercury naturally occurs in our environment, e.g. because of erosion, volcanic eruption and forest fires. On the other hand humans produce mercury in many different industrial sectors. For example: For energy production we use fossil fuels, mine gold and have dental amalgams. In all of these processes mercury is released and get into our air and our waste water.

How do our mercury analyzers work?

Our highly sensitive, patented single-beam photometers (patent DE 41.19.346, US 5.334.536) are digitally controllable with a freely selectable measuring range. In combination with our peripheral technology, our analyzers are able to handle different and demanding measuring tasks. For example they are used in the processing of natural gas, in the workplace area monitoring, in chemical separation and adsorption processes, for dental and medical processes and also for research and development sector.

The peripheral technology include filter of gold wool (adsorption), active carbon (absorption), reduction heater (pulping process), desorber (stripping), gas bags (gas cumulation), microprocessor based scanner for ozone monitoring, gas warning device, field housing, gas cooler and measuring of flue gas.

Our devices are based on process quality with automatic zero-point adjustment and work without periodical calibration. The quality of the components is designed for an operating period of 20 years.

Our mobile mercury measuring device can be used for all measurements regarding mercury.

Measuring mercury- why is the safety so important?

Mercury is the only metal that is fluid and evaporates under the condition of room temperature.
If a human swallows pure mercury, it is totally harmless, because our digestive tract does not absorb the metal, it will be undigested excreted.

In contrast, the mercury vapour is very dangerous. It harms our whole central nervous system and becomes apparent through trembling, character changes and deterioration of short-term memory. Also cramps and paralyses can occur.
Especially new-borns and young children are particularly vulnerable because their mental development may be delayed on the basis of mercury poisoning.

Mercury in combination with other substances can build very dangerous chemical bonds, which cannot be undigested excreted by human organism. For humans the greatest risk for a mercury poisoning is via food products.
Because of different industrial processes mercury get into our waste water and build up chemical bonds with other organic compounds. As a result the highly poisoning methyl-mercury occurs. Fish absorb these substances, which will be accumulated in their bodies and the mercury concentration increases with every intake of food.
Although fish is controlled while processing, the mercury content often is just under the allowed limit value. Sharks, tuna fish, and sword fish have the highest mercury content.

In order that the mercury does not get into our waste water, it is necessary to measure the mercury content in the industrial processes and to eliminate or dispose it separately.

There is some disagreement if the mercury content in amalgam fillings is harmful or not.


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