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Treating waste water with Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

Ozone technology forms the basis for environmentally friendly waste water treatment, sterilization in municipal industry and the elimination of bacteria in the process industry, the hydrophilization of organic trace substances and odor removal.

Waste water Treatment with Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

Anseros is developer and manufacturer of components and systems in ozone technology for treating waste. Our corporate structure involves research, development, manufacturing, commissioning and after-sales-service.

Constant monitoring of sewage treatment work effluents shows clear accumulations of organic trace substances – substances of the following kinds: antibiotics, cytotoxic drugs, betablockers, analgesics, lipid-lowering agents, anti-epileptic drugs, x-ray contrast media. Several research projects showed that only ozone is capable of eliminating problematic trace substances and of neutralizing their effects. Pilot experiments led to economic technical solutions. The specific costs for a 95% removal of carbamazepine were 0.07 Euro per m3 waste water.

Anseros’ ozone solution with Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT).

The production of gaseous ozone is carried out locally from oxygen made available in a tank. With increasing ozone concentrations, the consumption of oxygen is reduced. With so-called metal-free ozone modules made of quartz, densities of up to 300 g O3 / m3 are produced. Since there is no metal – neither stainless steel nor tungsten – in the discharge space, Anseros COM-AD ozone generators are maintenance-free.

To assure that the process parameters are adhered to throughout the year, the ozone generator must be cooled, especially in summer. Only ozone dissolved in water reacts. The mass transfer from the gas phase to the water phase is the rate-limiting step.

Reactions in the water phase are usually very quick. Anseros developed so-called AOPR pipe reactors that are designed with a turbulent pipe flow (patent granted: DE 10201037B4). Compared to laminar systems, such as gas diffusers in bubble columns, the mass transfer is twice as high with AOPR pipe reactors. High ozone concentrations in particular are transferred without discharge losses. AOPR pipe reactors are energy efficient. The large amounts of water dealt with in sewage treatment works are only moved horizontally. An elevation over the geodetic height is not required. Basin depths can be kept low. The diffuser on an AOPR pipe reactor transforms the pool into a stirrer vessel type, thus enabling controllability.

The dissolved residual ozone amount in the outlet should be as low as possible but still measurable. For this purpose, Anseros developed the continuous process measuring instrument Ozomat WP which measures in waste water with process stability, without periodic calibration and with a sensitivity level of 0.001 mg O3 / m3 water (1 ng O3 / l water). This ensures that only as much ozone is dosed as is consumed (patents granted: DE 41 19 346, U.S. 5,334,536).

For safety according to the relevant accident prevention regulations, the Anseros AOPR process supplies a CAT ozone destroyer which is purely thermal-recuperative and does not cause any maintenance costs  (patent granted: DE 10 2004 051 945 A1, U.S. 7,416,713 B2).

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