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Ozone Off-Gas Treatment Plant CAT-CL-100

Article number: CAT-CL-100
off-gas treatment plant CAT-CL-100

Product details

Ozone is very sensitive to heat. It can be destroyed very quickly at high temperatures. The outgoing energy is used to heat the incoming gas. An innovative isolator reduces energy consumption to practically zero. The supplied gas can contain organic substances and acids. Flushing of tanks is permitted, the system is suitable for processes under clean conditions. No metals or particles are emitted by the system.


Exhaust gas disinfection
Containment of epidemics
Splitting of aromatics in exhaust gas
Air hygiene


Technical data

Gas flow: < 1000 Nm3/h
Gas inlet: D…. mm, flange
Mains: 400VAC/50Hz/3ph
Energy consumption: approx. 4 kW
Certification: CE
Dimension: D1500xW1800xH4000 mm
Flange connections: stainless steel
Exhaust piping: stainless steel
Control cabinet: stainless steel
Weight: about 2000 kg

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