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Coating and adhesives

Surface treatment is a procedure for increasing effect of quality and for extended durability of the coating surfaces.

Where can our generated ozone be used in the chemical industry?

Ozone processing for coating is a procedure with an increasing effect on material surfaces.

The surface treatment industry apply paint, foam, colour prints and other coating on different surfaces. For example, CVD-processes in the semiconductor industry configure silicon surfaces. The ozone chamber of ANSEROS treat all kinds of surfaces to improve the adhesion of coating on the surfaces. As a result, this procedure has an increasing effect of quality and the durability of the coating surfaces will be extended.

Ozone as a anticavitation agent ?

Improvement of the adhesion characteristics on surfaces with ozone.

Water tanks for hot water  as well as hot food containers have to provide a constant inside temperature. For water tanks, it is an economical aspect to save energy; for food shipment, it is a question of quality to ensure that the meal can be served with the right temperature. From largescale central kitchens, it can take a long time to deliver the food to the client. Therefore, the efficiency of the temperature insulators has to be very high.

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