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ANSEROS Ozone Gas Analyzer GM-6000-PRO2 - lanscape

Ozone Gas Analyzer GM-6000-PRO 2.0

Article number: GM-6000-PRO-2.0
ANSEROS-Ozone Gas Analyzer GM-6000-PRO2.0

Product details

For precise measuring the ozone concentration Anseros developed and digitized the new Ozone-Analyzer GM-6000-PRO 2.0.
The Ozone Analysers includes a non-diverspersive ultra violet (NDUV) photometer for continuous ozone measurement in the gas phase. The measurement device is equipped with automatic zero point calibration, temperature and pressure compensation, graphic touch display with trend display, input of process parameters by digital software, digital/analog interfaces.
The absorption of advanced UV-radiation by ozone is a continuous method which can be used for the determination of high ozone concentration in the gas phase. Ozone has an absorption band with a molar extinction coefficient of 3024 dm3/cm·mol in gas phase and due to the broadening of absorption band a smaller molar extinction coefficient in the water phase (according to DIN 19627).
The full digital unit measures with a single-beam photometric principle without moving parts for on-line monitoring of ozone in gaseous phase. In order to make monitoring indications comparable the concentration is given in g(O3 )/Nm3, g(O3 )/l, ppmv. All ozone devices are made in Germany and CE-approved by Anseros.
+ Manual and automatic zero calibration
+ Zero calibration with remote access
+ Automatic temperature compensation
+ Automatic pressure compensation
+ Automatic error message and display
+ Fast response time
+ Equipped with digital and analog interfaces (0/4-20 mA, RS232, TCP/Modbus)
+ Input of process parameters via digital software
+ Measuring cell with sapphire optics
+ Long-life UV LED
+ High accuracy
+ Precise repeatability
+ Color graphic display with trend indication,
+ Selectable display modes
+ External 4″ color LCD graphic display with touch function.
+ PC software ANSEROS AMACS 4.0 (measurement data acquisition and zero calibration)
+ CE and VDE certificate
+ IP protective housing
+ Acid resistance

Technical data

Principle: Single beam NDUV254 nm
Units: ppm, ppmv, g O3 /m³, g O3/Nm³, mg O3 /m³, mg O3 /Nm³, % w/w, mol/l
Concentration range: 2 / 10/ 20/ 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 g O3/m³, others on requests
Gas ports connection: 1/4″ stainless steel/ PFA
Flow rate: 0 – 90 l/h, others on requests
Ambient temperature: 0 – 45°C
Reaction time: 5 s (0 – 95%)
Ext. coefficient: 3024 dm3/cm mol (according to DIN 19627)
Analog signal output: 0 / 4 – 20 mA, galvanically isolated
Relay: min./max. limit value, zero point, error message
Digital interface: RS232
Power supply: 220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, others on request
Dimensions: 19″/3HE/400 mm, H132xD300 mm


Digital signal output: Modbus/TCP
External display: 4″ color LCD graphic display with touch function
PC software: ANSEROS AMACS 4.0 (measurement data recording and zero calibration)

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