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Cooling water legionella free

In-Situ water disinfection for chilled water applications. Ozone has a great oxidation potential and plays the role of an algi- or biocide.

Ozone injection for chilled water process

Ozonisation of cooling water is established in Germany since 30 years in the chemical industry, refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, steel plants and air separation plants.

The application of ozone as a microbiocide in cooling towers has become an accepted technology. Ozone can be generated from ambient air and then be dissolved into water. Ozone dosing can take place at various points. In the best case, the ozone gas is metered in after the circuit water pump via a side stream injection. The make-up water can also be treated with ozone. Another option is direct injection into the cooling tower basin.


Biological substances in cooling process

The problem of biological growth in cooling towers and recooling plants has been resulted in serious accidents and even caused deaths.

In recent past, there were Legionella outbreaks in Ulm/Neu-Ulm (2010), Warstein (2013) and Jülich (2014). In all three cases, evaporative cooling systems were the source of serious Legionella infections. Since then there is a new directive from the VDI (VDI guidline 2047, sheet 2) for hygienic operation of evaporative cooling systems. In this new directive the limit of microorganisms with pathogenic effect on human, such as Legionella spp., is 100 cfu / 100 ml.

In the same directive, ozone treatment is recommended as suitable biocide to combat against legionella and other microorganisms. By using ozone and ozonide as oxidizing biocide, no further biocides are required to prevent biological growth. In addition, the required chemicals which prevent corrosion and fouling of the system can be stopped, leading to significant cost savings.

With respect to the key issues paper by the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) for a new ordinance, the installation of ozone system in  cooling water cycle is a prerequisite. The ANSEROS HOXON system is patented by the European patent office.

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