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Ozone Water Sterilization System PAP-50000

Article number: PAP-50000

Product details

Professional dual ozone water system for the supply of bromate-free water (patented). The system is made of stainless steel and equipped with customer-specific automatic control and safety devices. Each of the two system units can operate with a different type of water and provide different ozone capacities. The system is complete and ready to use. It includes an ozone generator, a carrier gas supply, a hydraulic dosing system, monitoring and safety devices, and an ozone destroyer. Suitable gassing valves and butterfly valves are optionally available for quick-dump processes.


+ Bottling of water and drinks
+ Production of sterilized water in the food industry
+ waste water treatment
+ cold water
+ Air conditioning systems
+ Biological decomposition

Technical data

Water capacity: 5 … 100 m3/h
Water pressure: 1 … 4 bar
Power supply: 400V/50Hz/3P

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