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Ozone Generator COM-AD-1000

Article number: COM-AD-1000

Product details

Advanced ozone production with double-walled JENA quartz plasma discharge modules using high frequency generated by innovative IGBT devices. The ozone gas output is completely free of metallic particles and thus suitable for clean technologies like semiconductor and medical processes. The efficiency of the AOP technologies is amazing, especially for waste water oxidation in combination with AOPR pipe reactors. This is due to a mass transfer rate 10 times higher compared to classic ozone generators. The TCO are zero since no seals are built in and the discharge modules cannot be affected by any corrosion. As a consequence, the device is maintenance-free and ready for a long operation lifecycle. Fouling of electrodes and a decline of the ozone capacity is impossible. Doping gases, like N2, Ar, or others are not required. Any kind and quality of carrier gas can be used – dry air, humidified air, ambient air, oxygen from SEP/PSA-systems or pure oxygen (any class) from cylinder.


Semiconductor processing
Water oxidation and sterilization
UPW ultra-pure water treatment
Sanitization of surfaces
Food production
Pharmaceutical production
Research & development
Pilot installations
Pilot installations


Technical data

Ozone capacity: 100 … 1000 g O3/h
Ozone enthalpy: 400 g O3/h @ 3.000 Nl/h (SEPgas)
Ozone concentration: 0.1 … 190 g O3/Nm3
Gas flow: 0.1 – 10.000 Nl/h with MFC
Frequency control range: 0.1 – 100% capacity
Remote control: interface built in, safety cutoff switch
Carrier gas: any oxygen-containing gas, oil-free
Chiller: water cooling
Dimension: 19”/43HU/600 mm, rack mounting or portable housing
Cabinet: H2400 mm x D600 mm x W1500 mm
Connector inlet/outlet: 1” – NW25 PFA tube
Weight: 2045 kg

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