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Ozone water pilot system HOXON®-PILOT

Article number: HOXON-PILOT

Product details

DOM-matrix of each type of water will be different. Experience cannot be transferred easily, why pilot studies are necessary. The ANSEROS HOXON® pilot is made in a compact design to ship it to the laboratory or directly to the local water emission place, which is recommended. Shipment of water is possible, but some water parameters can change during transportation. The engineering of the ANSEROS HOXON® plant will be done against the pilot test results. Further water treatment steps, like pH-control, particle filter, flotation/flocculation, NF/RO membrane technology, MBR /aerobic/anaerobic), adsorber must be considered. Containers are used for local housing of equipments and analytical instruments.


Industrial waste water
Urban waste water
Garbage treatment

Technical data

Water flow: > 100 liter/h

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