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UV Reactor CAT-UV

Article number: CAT-UV

Product details

Flow-through pipe reactor made of polished stainless steel with selectable and monitored UV intensity. The system can be placed in horizontal or vertical position. Devices for several wavelenghts in the UVC range are available. They can be ordered with connector types specifically chosen according to the needs of the customers.

Several advantages are associated with the use of ozone in water treatment. Chlorine can be made superfluous in many application contexts, e.g. in pools. Treated water will be free of toxic chlorinated organics (AOX-free).


Semiconductor processes
Oxidation of water
Sterilization of water
AOP waste water treatment
UPW water
Decorative springs, fountains and water curtains along fiber filaments
Swimming pools
Natural pools
Fish farming, fish hatcheries, fish cultures

Technical data

Wavelenght: 170 … 400 nm
Water flow: 0,1 …. 10 m3/h or on request
Dimensions: customized
Material: stainless steel, quartz, PFA
Lifetime of UV-radiators: up to 10.000 hours

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