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Ozone Destructor CAT-HO-8000

Article number: CAT-HO-8000

Product details

Ozone is very heat-sensitive. It can be destroyed very fast at high temperatures. The outgoing energy is used to heat up the ingoing gas. Due to an innovative insulator, the energy consumption is almost reduced to zero. The feed gas can contain organics as well as acids. Rinsing of tanks is allowed, the system is suitable for clean processes. No metals and particles are emitted by the system. The destroyer is maintenance-free and made for a long operation life.


Semiconductor processing
Water bottling
Food and pharmaceutical processes
Ultra pure water UPW

Technical data

Gas flow: 1 …. 10.000 Nl/h
Material: quartz, stainless steel, PFA
Connector: 2”
Power supply: 230V-50/60Hz
Dimensions: H450 x L250 x D250 mm

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