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Ozone Gas Analyzer MP

Article number: MP

Product details

Single-beam photometer with processing quality for on-line monitoring of ozone in the gas phase ready for dry or wet gases.
Approval: CE with KGB certificate (DKD/DAKKS)


Process control: offgas odor, feedgas, emission/immission, safety
Ozone climate simulation: rubber material test, agriculture, food
Life sciences: hygiene control


Technical data

Principle: UVC 253,7 nm
Units: ppmv, mg O3/Nm3, g O3/Nm3, mg O3/m3, g O3/m3
Measuring range SI: 0.001 – 2.000 / 20.00 / 200.0 mg O3/Nm3
Sample port: ¼” – 6/4 mm PFA tube
Gas flow rate: 100 – 200 Nl/h
Dimensions: 19” / 3HU / 450 mm
Analog signal output: 0/4 – 20 mA
Digital signal output: interface RS232
Alarm signal: adjustable 4 x potential free change-over contact
Power supply: 230/110 VAC – 50/60 Hz

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