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Water Flotation System FLOT-5000

Article number: FLOT-5000

Product details

The flotation is an efficient and economical separation principle in front of an oxidation step. The dissolved organic content (COD) can be removed as a sludge by using a suitable pump and a concentrator.
The flotation principle can be used fortunately as a PRE-STEP for the HOXON® equipment. In a lot of cases the C-contamination can be reduced by a part of 95%. Other separation technologies, like membrane technologies (NF, RO, MBR) and activated carbon adsorbers, can produce toxic concentrates, which means extremely high costs for incineration.


Industrial Waste Water
API Waste Water

Technical data

Water capacity: 1 … 100 m3/h or on request
COD content: 500 … 50.000 mg/l
Material: SS 316L, SS 321

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