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Disposing of patents and of substantial know-how, the technological potential of Anseros relies on a well-established fundament. According to press reports, the detergent of nature is valued and recognized as a sustainable solution. Especially in combination with other oxygen compounds, environmental problems become solvable. This technology is referred to as Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP).

Significant technology solutions of Anseros are (cf. also NEWS):

  • Drugs and pesticides in waste water (HOXON ®)
  • Factory farming (multi-resistant pathogens MRE, antibiotic resistance, avian flu)
  • Pandemics (Ebola)
  • Organic chlorine compounds (AOX) in bleaching processes
  • Ensuring safe drinking water
  • Climate-friendly chemical technology (NYLON)
  • Sulfite reduction in wine production (OENOCAT)

We welcome AOP investment proposals. Please address them to the Chief Executive Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Nonnenmacher.

ANSEROS Investment


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