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Air Sterilizer CAT-SD-05

Article number: CAT-SD-05

Product details

By surface discharge, an open plasma is formed which is electrostatically neutral and generates ozone as well as – in moist air – hydroxyl radicals which even burn difficult substances such as fats. The emitted ozone can fulfill further purification tasks, for example in cracks and crevices, to prevent mold growth. Optionally, depending on the application, an ozone catalyst is built in.


Renovation of flooded areas
Kitchen areas
Spa areas
Hygiene and odor
Wine cellars
Sanitization of rooms and textiles
Hotel rooms
Input ranges
SVOC oxidation (cooking fats)


Technical data

Air amount: 1 … 10.000 m3/h
Ozone amount: 10 … 1000 mg O3/h
Room capacity: 5000 ug O3/m3 h
Power supply: 230VAC/50Hz

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