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Special award for Anseros “OENOCAT”

Anseros OENOCAT barrel sterilizer convinces at the “INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA” fair.

We are very pleased with the positive response we have experienced during the presentation of the OENOCAT barrel sterilizer on the “INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA”. A big thank you especially to the jury of the German Winegrowers’ Association for providing us with a special award in the category “processing and process control”.

This is how the Anseros “OENOCAT” functions

The OENOCAT barrel sterilizer produces negative ions which have a bactericidal effect and thus permit rapid disinfection of wooden barrels and storage tanks. The ozone generated gas also penetrates into the stave interstices and pores.

The device is inserted into the upper or the lower bunghole. Handling is simple, the application environmentally friendly.

Especially in view of the fact that the EU biocide regulation has prohibited the sulfur treatment of wooden barrels, bottles, steel tanks and pipes by now, the OENOCAT presents itself as a simple and affordable solution also for small businesses.

“The OENOCAT barrel sterilizer is well suitable for short-term disinfection of wooden barrels. Also penetrates into the upper layer of the wood. Can be used in small businesses.”

Jury of the German Winegrowers’ Association
Extract from the jury statement


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