Gas blower CAT-Hurricane


Hygiene in refrigerated warehouses and storage rooms
Sanitization of buildings and rooms
Containment of epidemics in greenhouses
Germ reduction in the garbage logistics sector
Treatment of sensitive fruits and vegetables

Technical data

Air flow: > 5.000 m³/h
Jet capacity: 50 m
Fogger capacity: 10 kg water/h
Room size: < 5.000 m³ / fan Ozone capacity: adjustable Dimensions: customized

Air Treatment System CAT-HA-HURRICANE

Article number: CAT-HA-HURRICANE

Product details

The hurricane fan is equipped with an ozone regulation and an adjustable fogger. Ready for a jet distance of 50 meters, it can be placed on a tripod or suspended from the ceiling. The system is mounted on wheels and has a remote control (optionally wireless).


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