ANSEROS - essential instruments

Anseros has been working with its customers on efficient ozone-system-solutions for more than three decades. Due to the long-term cooperation, the company has a large portfolio of high-quality ozone-products. The medium-sized company offers ozone-generators and ozone-analyzers for the production and measurement of ozone in gaseous and aqueous state. High-performance ozone-systems are suitable for environmentally friendly water-treatment and air-treatment, for example in the production of semiconductors, food processing or in material testing. The effective use of ozone-generator-systems removes highly resistant viruses and bacteria as well as pharmaceutical residues. Depending on the concentration, ozone-gas is a highly reactive oxidizing agent. Therefore, compliance with the prescribed limit values is essential. Reliable ozone-monitors from Anseros are used to monitor limit values for the ozone-concentration in air and water. If the limit load is exceeded, the ozone must be destroyed. The maintenance-free ozone-destroyer removes ozone. Ozone is very sensitive to heat and decomposes very quickly at high temperatures.

The supply of technically pure oxygen by high-quality oxygen-generators is decisive to produce ozone-gas. Using ceramic molecular sieve technology, highly concentrated oxygen is generated in a continuous flow of electricity.
Mercury is produced in many industrial processes, such as the production of biodiesel. Mercury is a natural, non-degradable raw material, but even in small quantities it is highly toxic. Anseros also develops precise mercury-analysers and ethylene-analysers for the application in gas and water phases.
Our chemical and process engineers have the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of ozone-technologies and the advanced-oxidation-process (AOP). The company has all core competencies for water-sterilisation-process and air-purification-process. In addition, Anseros has shaped and revolutionized water-treatment-processes over the past few decades with patent applications such as the advanced-oxidation-ozone-reactor (AOPR).
The entire product portfolio is manufactured at the location in Germany by certified personnel and tested according to standards.