Ozone off-gas treatment plant CAT-HO-50000


Odor removal
Offgas disinfection
Containment of epidemics
Cracking of aromatics in offgas
Air hygiene

Technical data

Air flow: 50.000 m3/h
Dimensions: H11 x W3 x D3 m
Weight: 20 to
Material: stainless steel

Off-Gas Rinser CAT-HO-50000

Article number: CAT-HO-50000

Product details

Wet oxidizer for the treatment of anaerobic offgas in sewage treatment plants for odor removal and disinfection, for example behind biological and denitrification stages. Suitable for the removal of mercaptanes in digesters and anaerobic pumping stations. Optionally equipped with AOP an system for the cracking of aromatics. The system has a self-sucking water jet to avoid the use of a ventilator and to improve the consumption of energy. The oxidation principle does not need any chemicals and is fully sustainable.


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