In semiconductor processing in particular, a completely clean ozone system is required. Any metals and particles emitted from the ozone system onto to the semiconductor surfaces during processing (Wafer/IMEC/RCA/SOM, etc.) affect the quality of the microchip. Including their components – as for example the ozone generator COM-AD or the ozone monitor WM –, the Anseros Water Systems PAP-SC are entirely free of metals in contact with ozone. They are ready for clean wet and dry processing, regardless if with or without acids. To ensure safety, the PAP-SC system includes an ozone destroyer CAT-HO.


+ IMEC and RCA cleaning processes
+ UPW systems
+ Advanced oxidation processes AOP
+ Three phase systems
+ Biodegradation DOC
+ Sterilization
+ Sanitization CIP


DI-water flow: 100 … 4000 l/h
DO3: 1 … 100 ppmw
Material in contact with ozone: PFA, quartz


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