The Anseros Ozone Climate Simulator includes all basic instruments for rubber aging and crack testing. They are designed to run the simulations necessary for 10 year durability testing.

The device offers a reliable ozone generator (maintenance free) and a precise certified ozone analyzer MP for automatic control of the ozone level in the chamber. A digital data logging interface RS232 is available along with the Anseros data logging software AMACS. Interruption procedures during endurance tests can be adjusted by a PLC control. In closed loop version, a turbojet is installed for safety reasons to destroy any ozone through catalytic converter or carbon filter.


+ Rubber aging test according to ASTM D 1149 and ISO 1431 (2012)
+ Determination of fatigue strength according to Wöhler
+ Determination of the strength criterion
+ Determination of fatigue strength based on 10 years (or similar)
+ Cable testing according to IEC 60811-2-1, method A and B
+ Testing according to VDE 0472, A, B, C and EN50396
+ Static and dynamic testing with/without rotation
+ Check continuously and/or intermittently


Test range: 0…1000 pphmv (ISO 1431-1)
Chamber volume: 310 liters
Chamber dimensions: H181(+43) x W99 x D120(+10) cm
Make PLC: SIEMENS PLC SIMatic S7-1200, 15″ touch panel


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