Ozone Gas Analyzer GM-6000-SC

High-precise single-beam NDUV-photometer without moving parts for monitoring of ozone in the gas phase under dry or humidified conditions according to DIN19627.


(Wall mount)


The absorption of advanced UV-radiation by ozone is a continuous method which can be used for the determination of the ozone concentration in the gas or liquid phase. Ozone has an absorption band with a molecular extinction coefficient of 3024 dm³/cm·mol in gas phase and due to the broadening of absorption band a smaller molar extinction coefficient in the water phase (DIN 19627). Anseros developed the Ozone-Analyzer GM-6000-SC for precise measuring the ozone concentration. The full digital unit is a single-beam NDUV-Photometer without moving parts for on-line monitoring of ozone concentration. In order to make monitoring indications comparable the concentration is given in g(O₃ )/Nm³ , g(O₃ )/m³. All ozone devices are made in Germany and CE-approved by Anseros.


+ Monitoring of ozone production
+ Measurement of ozone concentration in ambient air
+ Precise process control of ozone generator output
+ Ozone off-gas monitoring


Principle: Single beam with advanced UV technology
Extinction coefficient: 3024 dm3/cm*mol (according to DIN19627)
Measuring range SI:
0.02-2.0 g O3 /m³
0.05-5.0 g O3 /m³
0.10-10.0 g O3 /m³
0.5-50.0 g O3 /m³
0.5-100.0 g O3 /m³
0.5-200.0 g O3 /m³
0.5-300 g O3/m³
(Depending on cuvette length)
Sample port: 1/8” – 4.3/3 mm PFA tube
Gas Ports: Stainless steel for PFA tube 6/4 mm
Gas flow rate: 6.0 – 80 Nl/min
Gas pressure: 0.5 – 4.0 bar abs
Analog signal output: 0-20mA / 4-20 mA
Digital signal output: RS232 (optional)
Display: Graphic colour LCD module
Power supply: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, mains adapter built-in
Dimensions: 19’’/3HE/400mm, (HxD) 132×300 mm
Weight: 8 Kg


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