Professional ozone test chamber with ortho-directional gas flow and heavy stainless steel body supporting the installation and use of static and dynamic testing tools of all kinds. Largest observation window for the surveillance of crack formation during the test with magnification optics or camera without stopping the test process by opening the chamber. Operation exclusively via touch panel. Each single rubber specimen can be advanced step by step into the optical observation zone. Mounting rails allow for the insertion of mesh plates and rod-like carriers for laying and hanging in all kinds of rubber test pieces, such as flat foils, tubes, cables, bushings and seals. The test system is intrinsically safe. The front door is electrically interlocked and can only be opened when the chamber is completely ozone-free. The test system is suitable for normal tests with regard to cracking, for the creation of Wöhler diagrams and for long life fatigue strength tests.


+ Rubber aging tests according to ASTM D 1149 and DIN ISO 1431
+ Determination of the fatigue strength by Wöhler
+ Determination of the strength criterion
+ Determination of the fatigue strength for a defined period of 10 years (or similar)
+ Cable testing according to IEC 60811-2-1, method A and B
+ Test according to VDE 0472, A, B, C and EN50396
+ Static and dynamic test with/without rotation
+ Continuous and/or intermittent tests


Chamber volume: 300 liters
Interior chamber measures: H68 x W68 x D68 cm
Flow principle in the chamber: longitudinal, laminar and turbulent
Reynolds profile: 2000 < Re < 25000 Longitudinal air stream: < 1000 m3/h Longitudinal air speed: < 600 mm/s Load factor G: 0.5 … 12 s/m Touch panel: 15“ TFT PLC: Siemens S7-300 Process control: Anseros SIMATIC software Data registration: Anseros AMACS software Crack camera: WOEHLER (optional) Fatigue testing: WOEHLER software (optional) Rack measures: 19”/43 HE / 600 mm Rack positioning: aligned / angled / separate / shifted


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