The Anseros Ozone Simulator SIM6050-T is an entry-level model at an affordable price. It is fully compliant with the American standard ASTM D 1149. With the conditioning box being led backwards, concerns of the new DIN ISO 1431 are also met since the previously valid DIN 53509 was replaced. The chamber dimensions are suitable for simple static tests. To a limited amount, they are also suitable for dynamic tests in accordance with ASTM D 1149. For process control, a PLC Siemens LOGO TD is installed by default, furthermore discrete PID industrial controllers. Digital data recorders are optionally available, as are digital interfaces with proprietary AMACS software for data recording and storage. For the ozone analyzer MP, a certificate is available, based on traceability with DKD devices. The carrier gas is specially generated in the device from atmospheric air. Extrinsic gases are not required. Source gases are ozone-free. Intrinsic safety is achieved by a door contact in particular.


+ Aging tests of rubber parts according to ASTM D 1149 and DIN ISO 1431


Dimensions: H168 x W60 x D65(+10) cm
Weight: 71 kg
Chamber dimensions: H35 x W60 x D50 cm
Power supply: 230 V/120V-50/60Hz
Approval: KGB-MP(DKD/DAKKS) and CE


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